Joomla module creator [FREE!] and spiffy design update

It was on the to-do list. It’s not anymore. One day the team met for a cup o’ joe. “It’s really too bad,” someone said. “What is?” I asked. “That we don’t have a module generator to go with the component generator.” It was too bad. So we made one. It’s free. How about trying […]

From Mambo to Joomla!

Joomla! is the second largest open source Content Management System after WordPress. Joomla! is intended to help those who don’t know programming build websites. It’s written in the coding language PHP and it uses MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL to store data. You can use the Joomla system for websites of all sizes. Joomla sets […]

Component creator for Joomla 4 – It’s now available

Our developers have been working hard to make it possible for you to start creating components for the new Joomla 4 Alfa 12. Even though the latest version of Joomla is still in the process of development, you can, as a subscriber, already now build your components for this version with the Joomla Component Generator. […]

Launch of the Joomla Component Generator blog

Hello users, subscribers, and readers. We love having you with us! So we finally got around to launching the Joomla Component Generatorblog. We heard this blogging phenomenon is rather popular these days 🙂 On our blog, we’re going to post all sorts of interesting stuff for youto devour. You may look forward to articles on […]