Frontend editing, view templates and 15 new field types

We’ve been looking forward to introducing to you an even better Joomla Component Generator.

View templates

We’ve introduced a new concept called view templates. It’s a way to determine how the view should look and feel. At the moment we allow adding the basic template and a blank template for frontend list and detail views. We will continue adding more templates, and you’re welcome to request specific ones. Just add/edit views to get access to the templates.

Frontend editing

It’s now possible to enable editing on frontend views. This way you will be able to generate components for customers and allow logged in users to edit specific items of choice. This feature is only supported in J4.x and can be found in the view templates.

15 new field types

Yep, that’s right! We’ve added a lot of new field types, and there are more to come. They will work for components generated for both J3.x and J4.x.

Try the new features

The new field types and view templates don’t require subscription. Frontend editing, however, does require subscription. Subscribe now to access all the features of the Joomla Component Generator.
Furthmore we added more capabilities to free users. It’s now possible to build both J3.x and J4.x components without a subscription. Modules can still be generated for free.
We are continuously working to optimize the code and features, and we encourage you to send feedback.

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