Joomla Component Generator

The Joomla Component Generator is a quick and easy way to generate custom and fully functional native Joomla components for almost any purposeGet startedLearn More

Rapid Development

Quick and easy to work with. Components are generated in no time. Generated components can be installed directly into Joomla

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Quality Code Generation

Follows the MVC code standards. The generated code is well-structured and compatible with Joomla versions 3.x and 4.x.

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Free + Low Cost Subscription

Comes in a free version. Save and build as many components as you like. Low cost subscription plans for everyone.

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Main FeaturesSome of the main features of the Joomla Component Generator.


Frontend editing

Generate components for customers and enable logged-in users to edit specific items of their choice.

Numerous field types

Choose from a variety of field types such as text, foreign key, radio, calendar, image, dropdown etc.

SQL import

Import tables from SQL files or a textarea into the generator, to quickly and easily restore the structure of existing components or database tables from other projects.

Restore Joomla fields

Restore all the default Joomla fields required for standard views in Joomla at the click of a button.


Both the Joomla Component Generator and the generated components support search engine friendly URLs


Drag Drop Reorder

Drag drop reorder components, views, tables and fields in the generator. Drag drop reordering is available in all the views of the generated components as well.


Store components for different versions of Joomla. Load stored components to continue work.


Duplicate entire components, views, tables or fields to reuse functionality and save time.

Automatic code generation

The Component Generator automatically generates custom component code and compresses everything into a ZIP archive, ready for installation into the Joomla CMS.

View templates

Select a template for the view, to quickly define how the view should look and react.


Mobile ReadyThe Joomla Component Generator has a perfectly optimized responsive layout that adapts to your device.


Navigation Menu

The Joomla Component Generator comes with a flexible and expandible navigation menu. This menu allows you to navigate with ease to handle tables, views and fields for your components. Furthermore, it gives you a good overview of all your components and modules.

The navigation menu is available to both users with and without a subscription.


Responsive Views

The Joomla Component Generator has a perfectly optimized responsive layout that adapts to your device. This means you will be able to access the generator from mobile phones, tablets or desktop devices at any time, anywhere.


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