Are you looking for a fast, cheap, stable and efficient way to build Joomla components? You're in the right place. The Component Generator gives you a full Joomla plugin development toolset to configure and build you own custom components for Joomla whenever you want.

Building components takes a long time

Joomla plugin development is a time consuming task. All the different types of files (PHP, XML,HTML, SQL, CSS, JS, IMG etc.) need to be manually created for the frontend and backend of the component. And every time you need to create a view in the frontend or in the backend, you need to create all the files for the MVC. This process can take days, weeks or months depending on the number of views and your expertice and experience.

Do you want to save time during plugin development?

The time consuming task above takes below a second with the component generator. Every time you click the "Build" button in the generator, the builder will automatically generate all these files for you. Afterwards, you can do whatever manual adjustment you want before using the component yourself or hand it over to a customer.

Try the free version of the Joomla Component Generator for as long as you want.

Start building components

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