FeaturesLet's show you some of the things the Joomla Component Generator can do


Create your own custom Joomla Components in minutes and ... 


  • Use the menu to navigate with ease and simplify component generation
  • Create separate tables and views
  • Choose icons for backend views
  • Duplicate entire components, views, tables and fields
  • Load and recover default Joomla fields easily
  • Prepare language files for 63 different languages
  • Drag drop reorder items in both the generator and generated components
  • Use ACL in every built component to control what different groups of users are allowed to do
  • Select which list and detail views to create in the frontend and the backend
  • Define key/value field options for lists like dropdown and radio
  • Load generated views with Joomla menu items, specify custom page heading, browser title, metadata etc. 
  • Choose between different field types like calendar, image, foreign key etc.
  • Associate your own view data with the built in Joomla categories
  • Decide whether each field should be displayed in list and detail views in the frontend and the backend

    ... and a whole lot more