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You can find answers to questions about how to use the Component Generator in this FAQ. We are continually working to improve the FAQ

Consult the FAQ


We created this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to provide you with short and concise answers to your questions. If you think we forgot to mention anything, please let us know, and we will add the answer.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is Joomla?


Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) for generating web pages.

There are three types of extensions for Joomla which are:

  • Plugins
      - Are used to override events
  • Modules
    • - Can be added in blocks into positions on the webpage
  • Components
    • - The main content of a Joomla website. Often used to show content lists and list items (detail pages)

Q: What is a component?

A component is an extension for the Joomla CMS

Q: How do I install a component or module into Joomla?

Just log into the Joomla CMS, choose install, choose the .zip package on the harddisk and press "Install". All the files will be installed automatically in Joomla. ou could also choose to drag and drop the archive into the installation drop area, which is also located in the backend of Joomla.

Q: Why generate components?

Because a Joomla component consists of numerous code files with similar code. It is very time consuming to write all this code manually. The Joomla Component Generator can generate all these files with code in no time and add them to a zip file ready to install directly into Joomla using the built-in Joomla installer. All you need to customize Joomla for your needs. The Joomla Component Generator is the perfect tool for both skilled webmasters and developers. No coding skills required.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade a component?


Yes it is possible to upgrade a component. Hower database tables and fields will not be upgraded and that means the component would probably generate an error. You need to uninstall the existing component before reinstalling a new one with the same name to be sure everything is working as expected. All database tables for the component will be dropped during uninstall so make sure to back up all data before uninstalling.

Q: Can I use the Joomla Component Generator free of charge?


With the Joomla Component Generator you will be able to create fully functional components with limited views free of charge.

Q: Why should I purchase a subscription?

You need to buy access to the Joomla Component Generator if you want to be able to build components with more than one view. Furthermore, building components for Joomla 4.x and technical support is only available to paying subscribers. Lastly, when you buy a subscription, you are supporting the future development of the Joomla Component Generator. Purchase a long period and get a large discount.

Q: Is support included?

Yes, support is included if you purchase a subscription and for as long as the subscription is active. Feel free to contact us day and night through the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to consult the FAQ and the help icons in the Component Generator before doing so – it might save you some time.

Q: What is a table?

A table in the component is the same as a database table in MySQL. With a free account, you will be able to create one table for your components. The component generator will automatically add a database table every time you add a new view to your component. Tables can be added separately as well.

Q: What is a view?


A view is where information is displayed in the component in Joomla. This information could either be displayed in lists or as single items. Views are used both in the administration (backend) and on the site (frontend) of the component. In the administration, you will typically have a list view to show all the items and a view for editing/adding each list item. The same applies to the frontend views, although the single item view here is typically used for showing the item. The Joomla Component Generator is smart because it automatically creates all these views for you. The only thing you need to do is to define a singular and plural name for the view in your component and the Component Generator takes care of the rest as it generates the component. Say you have a list of cars and you want to be able to add another car to this list. Then just add a new view with the singular name "Car" and the plural name "Cars". That's it.

There are a variety of different view settings but if you don’t know what they mean then just ignore them. They are optional and not necessary as default but only needed if you understand how to use them.

Q: What is a field?


A field is used to hold and store specific information in a column in one of the database tables of your Joomla installation. If you want to show a field in Joomla, you need to create a view with a table in the Component Generator. Just add/edit a view in a component and select the database table with the fields just created. Once a connection has been made between the table and the new view, the fields will be visible in both the site and the administration of your Joomla installation. To simplify the process, we have made it possible for you to create a view and add a table at the same time. After the table and the view has been created, you will be able to add your fields.

The Joomla Component Generator can create many different field types. E.g. text field, calendar, category, media, foreign key, color picker and a lot of other fields as well. Options for lists like drop down, radio etc. can be defined as key/value pairs. This allows you to customize the generated component exactly for your needs.

Q: What skills do I need to create components?


To use the Joomla Component Generator you need to have basic knowledge of how the Joomla Content Management System works and how components are used in Joomla to manage and display data. Furthermore, it is an advantage to know what database tables and fields mean, although it's not required. All you need to do is to create your component with the Joomla Component Generator. The generator will then create a ZIP file perfectly ready to be installed directly into your Joomla installation using the Joomla management tools in the administration of the Joomla CMS.

Q: Questions on how to use the Joomla Component Generator?


There are several ways to get answers to your questions.

1) Take a look at the Quick Start Guide.

2) Did you notice the small question icons ( ) next to each field in the generator? If you place your mouse on top of them, a message will be displayed to guide you.

3) If the guiding messages didn’t’ help you in the previous steps, please consult this FAQ thoroughly.

4) Use the contact form to write us, if you still need assistance after having read the answers in the FAQ.

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